Faces of Lebanon (Лица Ливана)


Представляем рубрику Faces of Lebanon. Наш специальный корреспондент в Ливане Сана Нехме беседует о России и Ливане, о том, почему русских в Ливане ждут, расскажет о том, как живут наши соотечественники и чего им не хватает.

Russia in the Heart of Lebanon

On that cloudy day of Saturday, September 16, 2017, Russia was, more than ever, in the heart and mind of Lebanon. A cultural day was organized for the fifth consecutive year by the Lebanese Orthodox Gathering at Central Hotel in Dhour El-Choueir, with the presence of the Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin[1], a large […] Читать далее

Michel Elefteriades

Michel Elefteriades Written by Sanaa Nehme It is only ordinary, when you mention the extraordinary, to talk about Michel Elefteriades. Half Greek half Lebanese, Elefteriades combines many different persons in one man: entrepreneur, artist, musician, producer, philosopher, political activist, and, most importantly, self-proclaimed Emperor Michel the First of Nowheristan (www.nowheristan.org), a virtual, make-belief empire with […] Читать далее

Amal Abou Zeid

Written by Sanaa Nehme When you ask the people of Jezzine, in beautiful South Lebanon, about Amal Abou Zeid, local MP, they answer unanimously: “He is our friend.” And then you meet with the politician and you understand that pride the people of Jezzine must feel when they talk about him: from his warm greeting, […] Читать далее

Chawki Bou Nassar

Written by Sanaa Nehme

It is nice to have a home everywhere in the world when you travel. And that home is always your embassy, where the people speak your language, greet you warmly, and… always know how to pronounce your name! It is also nice to be able to meet with your Ambassador, especially if it is His […] Читать далее

Irina Sakr

During ups and downs, for richer or for poorer, one thing remains as solid as rock: her love for Lebanon, despite the many different phases the country has been though. She is tough, and dedicated. This is her story. It was a perfect love story that blossomed I met my husband while we were both […] Читать далее

Amale Tarabine

As if Lebanon was not too small already to meet your partner, Amale Tarabine met her Lebanese husband in Russia. But before their love story came to light, Amale went there to study. Alone. She had no one there. She did not know the language. She spent eleven years in a country she now calls […] Читать далее

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